In the late 1990’s the Carrollton Train Depot had fallen into major disrepair.  The Norfolk Southern Rail line that carried passengers from Savannah to North Alabama and served as the major catalyst for growth of the downtown historic district had sat abandoned and forgotten for over a decade and was in grave danger of being demolished.  It took over ten years of negotiations with Norfolk Southern in order for the City of Carrollton to obtain the deed for the depot.  The original asking price of $1 million dollars was far out of the reach of what was financially feasible at the time.  Fortunately a deal was struck with Norfolk Southern gifting the deed of the 9500 sq. ft. Bradley Street Depot to the City of Carrollton under the condition that they would repair and maintain a nearby historic wooden bridge.

Two years ago the City of Carrollton began the time consuming renovation process of the Bradley Street Depot.  Original estimates for repairs reached as high as $4 million dollars.  The final cost of the actual repairs was much less, coming in at $1.2 million dollars.  Mayor Wayne Garner attributed the cost saving measures to the use of inmate labor.   Funding for the depot came from the city’s Splost fund, $700,000 set aside in 1993 and the remaining funds from the 2008 Splost.  The city also received support from a grassroots effort SOS (save our station), headed by the Friends of the Carrollton Depot.  This group of 240 citizens and local Historical Society has worked in conjunction with the City of Carrollton to oversee its rehabilitation. Renovations on The Depot on Bradley were completed in December of 2012 with its doors officially being opened to the public on January 1st, 2013.

This past year, the Depot has made new memories for 20 young couples, as well as hundreds at the CPRCAD Daddy Daughter dances, Christmas Parties, business meetings, birthday parties and other functions. Early this year, the front rooms at The Depot were completed (front rooms not included in Depot rentals). Nielsen Group LLC completed the work enabling many items from this depot and others to be displayed. Over the next years, new generations will be able to enjoy the history and beauty of The Depot on Bradley thanks to the City of Carrollton.